Recipe Cheat: Bayou Magic’s Cajun Rice

A number of years ago when we lived in California we stumbled upon this small company called Bayou Magic in our local Safeway. They make Cajun package mixes for Cajun Rice, Red Beans and Rice and Jambalaya. We love jambalaya so thought we’d give them a shot. Boy were we surprised at how good they were! And the best thing about them was that they tasted that good and were so easy to make!

Our meal today was the Cajun Rice mix.  You can see one-hundred percent of the ingredients in the shot above.  Yup, that’s all folks! The rest is as they say, in the bag.

Brown your meat and drain, then set aside. Brown your rice for a minute in a bit of the fat then add the three cans of soup (cream of chicken, french onion & cream of mushroom) plus one and a half cans of water. Bring it to a boil, add the meat then poor it into a large rectangular pan and bake in the oven for seventy minutes.

That’s it. Then serve it up.


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