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I visit Portland on a regular basis and am always looking for a new restaurant to try out on my trips. A few months back my father mentioned this pizza parlor called “Apizza Scholls,” that supposedly made really good old fashioned pizza.

Wednesday was my opportunity to put that “really good” comment to the test. We arrived a few minutes past five pm and while there wasn’t a line out the door, there were a lot of people waiting inside. Obviously a good sign, this place was popular. There were couples there on dates, families with kids and friends hanging out, another indicator of the good food that was waiting for us.

The front desk indicated we’d probably have a thirty minute wait but they directed us to the casual bar where they poured us drinks and we stood around and chatted while we waited.

Eventually, after the promised thirty minute wait we were seated where a very helpful waitress walked us through the menu. Strangely she originally mentioned we might want to order two of their “one size fits all” pizzas. She said that their crust is very thin and that the pizzas are not as filling as one might expect. In the end we settled on a shared Caesar salad which was delicious, the meat plate (Creminelli Salami Felino, Venitian Finnochiona, Venetian Capicollo, Venitian Calabrese and Fra’mani Mortadelli cheese) which was also truly tasty.

For pizza we selected the Amatriciana, a plain pizza with a lighter tomato sauce, house cured bacon, red chili flake and red onions. The crust was thin and slightly burnt around the edges due to the six hundred plus degree oven they cook them in. The bits of charring added a great flavor and texture to the salty, spicy sweet flavors that were resting on top. The pizza was fantastic!

We munched our way through our meal, chatting and enjoying the simple surroundings. Apizza Scholls is not a fancy restaurant, and it’s not an inexpensive place to eat with dinner and drinks coming in at $75 for the three of us but I cannot recommend it any higher. If you find yourself in Portland and hungering for a slice of pie, head east on Hawthorne until you find Apizza Scholls!

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