Pinewood Derby Victory 2013!

After two years of good efforts, my son finally won his first Pinewood derby as a Webelos! His car is the black car with flames on the far left. He called it the “Black Bulldog.”

As he’s grown older I’ve asked him to do more work on each of his cars. This year he picked a simpler design, in part due to his increased involvement. I think that helped us a lot.

It’s a simple wedge car, but we spent a lot of time on cleaning up the axles and wheels to make it as fast as we could. 

You never know when you walk into these races how your car will do because there’s no track for us to test it on. As various cars turned in what looked like good times we both sat back and just enjoyed watching things happen. Always though in the back of both of our minds was the thought, “How will our car do?”

Finally, he got the call and went up to watch his car trackside. The cars left the gate and right away we could see that it was a fast car. It slid into the lead and just extended that lead as it shot down the track. Of course you can’t really compare to other cars as you’re competing based upon your own time. But when the window popped up and said, “Track Record,” both of us looked at each other across the room and just smiled.

The next run turned in another track record, and that run would prove to be the fastest of the day of any car with a 3.0943 time. By the time the day was over, his car had the top six runs of the day and he got to bring home both his den and the pack first place trophies.

Next stop, the division races!

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