Bitterroot in Ballard


On our recent Valentines evening date in Ballard we stepped into Bitterroot in Ballard for some late night snacks and drinks. The band had just wrapped up and surprisingly given that we’d had an awesome dinner only four hours before, we were suddenly hungry.

Bitterroot specializes in the late night bar crowd, serving up good eats at a great price when you show up during the happy hour from eleven to two in the morning. We quickly ordered plates of five-dollar BBQ sandwiches, cornbread with honey butter and hush puppies and settled in for some more great conversation and beers. 

The service was quick, you could tell they were used to the night crowds and their late night hunger and we were soon digging in to our food. The BBQ was delicious and worth it particularly at the price. The cornbread was of the more traditional “hearty” variety that I remember my grandma making, real cornmeal, low levels of wheat flour and no sweetening at all from what I could tell.

We made quick work of our food and drinks and then zipped back out that beautiful glass door on the hunt again for more to do in late night Ballard!

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