Restaurant Review: Red Mill Burger


On our way to another Phoriday pho feast a few weeks ago myself and my fellow Pho Kings drove past the Red Mill burger in Madrona. They both immediately started loudly proclaiming the joys of a “Red Mill Burger.” It was at this point in time, interrupting their enunciation of digestive delight that I had to mention to them in passing that I’d never had one of these fabled “Red Mill Burgers.”

Imagine their looks of horror and surprise. “What, you’ve never had one of the best burgers in Seattle,” they both stated, nearly in unison. “Nope,” was my monosyllabic response. Continuing I had to inform them that being a southern California guy I was a devotee of In-N-Out Burger. They nodded their heads, again in unison, like two bobble heads set to the same vibration. “Understood. Perhaps we can broaden your burger education then.”

And so that’s how I found myself on Wednesday at Red Mill Burger having what I would have to say is a very delicious burger. I had a pretty standard bacon cheese burger and fries and while it’s not In-N-Out burger I will certainly return to Red Mill for another as it is one of the best I’ve had so far in the city of Seattle.


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