Phoriday - Pho Viet Anh - Restaurant Review


Once again we were back at our regular pho shop and once again The Pho Kings were able to confirm that Pho Viet Ahn on Roy in Lower Queen Anne is the best Pho to be found around Seattle.

In the past few trips the broth has not been quite as hot as we would like however on Phoriday the broth was about as hot as it possibly can be. It was delicious.

The only thing preventing Pho Viet Ahn from doing any better is if they would add tripe and tendon to the menu. They are one of the few places that doesn’t offer that mainstay of the local pho shops.

However, everything else there is perfect.

Seriously, you have to try them.


Location: A-
Condiments: A
Heat Index: A
Broth: A+
Meat: B+

Overall: A (three out of three pho bowls)


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