Restaurant Review: Elliot Bay Brewery Lake City


We decided that for Easter we would have lunch down at Elliott Bay Brewing in Lake City. We’ve been there many times and have never been disappointed by either the food or the beer.

Since it was the weekend they also had their brunch menu available for those of us inclined in a more breakfast like meal. Both of my younger kids ordered themselves the eponymous American kids meal of “chicken tenders,” while my eldest son had himself a cheeseburger. I had a breakfast burrito and my wife had hash browns, sausage patties and eggs.

Oh, and I also had a nice little sessionable “breakfast” IPA. One cannot go to a brewery and not have a beer even if one is there ostensibly for breakfast.

For a rare change, the restaurant was rather empty. We’d arrived at noon and I would guess that many folks were either still in Easter services at church or planning on spending time with family at home over a spiral cooked ham.

The service as one would expect with a quarter full room was solid. Our server took our orders and returned in short order with our drinks. My daughter ordered a root beer float which turned out to be much larger than any of us expected. It must be said however that she had no problem handling it as it was gone well before she finished her meal.

When our food arrived it was hot and tickled our taste buds with lovely aromas. My burrito was tasty, though I would have to say not special. It’s hard to make a basic breakfast burrito special. But like their beer, it was good and worth having.

I am sure we’ll be back many times to this local brewpub. Elliot Bay Brewery is one of the nicest best brewpubs around this part of north Seattle.

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