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My friends and I were out in Seattle on Friday having a few beers when we realized we were hungry and decided pizza would be just the thing to have. Since Bambino’s Pizzaria was just around the corner from where we were it made the perfect place to try and satisfy our hunger.

Walking in you find a bar with stools on your left and table seating straight in. The pizza oven is behind the bar. We were sat quickly and had a moment to look around before the server came over to take our orders. 

Lining the walls around us were shelves of quality beers by the bottle. The first thing our server gave us with our menus was what should have been an extensive list of bottled and draft beer. Unfortunately, there were quite a few things crossed off as they seem to have run out of a number of beers. I found it rather surprising to see so many missing beers considering it was a Friday night in downtown Seattle.

I had to drive home so I decided to pass on a beer. I did order a a Benedetto calzoni for dinner though while my friends settled on the Genovese pizza and Pietro calzoni. The pizzas are made in a wood fired oven so we knew we didn’t have long to wait.

Within ten minutes our pizzas and calzones were at our table and we were digging in to them. The Benedetto calzoni comes with spicy calabrese sausage and spicy red peppers. And without a doubt all of the above were quite spicy. The filling of my calzoni was hot with both heat and spice which I loved.

The crust as you’d expect was dark and crips on the outside thanks to the high heat of the oven however I think that a calzoni is not as suited to such high heat because while the crust was crisp in the middle, the edges where it was sealed and thicker were still a bit doughy and chewy, not quite fully cooked. 

My friend found the same dough consistency along the edges of his calzoni too, which was filled with chicken sausage, Calabrian peppers and ricotta cheese. All of the chicken on his had slid to one side so that for the first half of eating he commented on the lack of chicken while during the last half of too much.

My other friends pizza was much better cooked and he said that it tasted rather good. His only complaint was that it didn’t have quite enough of the chicken for him to go with the tomatoes, pesto, garlic and mozzarella cheese.

Overall I don’t think we will be going back to Bambino’s Pizzaria because while they may normally have an extensive selection of beer it certainly doesn’t outweigh the fact that there are many other options for pizza in Seattle that are at least as good if not better than what we got on Friday evening.

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