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I was working in west Seattle this last week so the guys, my fellow pho kings, recommended that I try Pho Aroma out on Delridge. They said it was great pho and they were right.

Pho Aroma was an easy drive down Delridge from where I was working. They had parking on the side and out front. Like many pho shops the place is relatively modest inside with only about twelve to fourteen tables available. Many were full but there were still a few available so I grabbed one by the window.

The waiter was there in moments with a menu and took my order right away. Five minutes later I had a hot and aromatic bowl of pho making me drool. I took a quick sip of the broth which was rich and hearty tasting strongly of beef but without the greasy aftertaste many pho shops seem unable to avoid. The broth was very hot and just barely under too hot.

My plate of condiments included a rare wedge of lime and very clean and fresh bean sprouts, basil, and jalapeno peppers. They were quickly loaded into my soup, I didn’t think I’d be able to wait much longer before digging in.

A bit of hoisin sauce a splash of sriracha and I was chowing down on a wonderful bowl of soup. The meat portion was generous, I had steak and rare brisket in mine, though not over the top with meat.

I soon finished my bowl and was wishing for a bit more. I’m not certain how many chances I’ll get to have lunch down in West Seattle however the next time I’m in the neighborhood I’ll be sure to grab another bowl at Pho Aroma.


Location: A-
Condiments: A
Heat Index: A
Broth: A
Meat: A-

Overall: A (three out of three pho bowls)

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