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Saturday was my sixteenth wedding anniversary and to celebrate my wife and I decided to go to Arnie’s Restaurant in Edmonds where they have happy hour prices in the bar every day from 3pm to 6pm. The discounts over their regular prices make it relatively easy to get drinks, three appetizers and a dessert for about forty dollars.

We arrived around five and found the bar already almost full. Of course since we were there at five it was mostly full of people at least our age if not a lot older. Arnie’s seems to cater to an older crowd.

My lovely wife visits Arnie’s regularly so already had recommendations on the dishes she likes so it was pretty easy for me to let her order the Sambal Shrimp and Ginger Chicken Lettuce Wraps. I added an order of Green Chile Polenta Fries to the list and we called it good.

Arnie’s does not have much of an extensive northwest beer list so I ended up settling with a pint of Lucille from Georgetown Brewing - a solid if uninspired IPA considering the wealth of beers available around here.

Considering how busy the bar was it was nice to have our food show up in short order. Arnie’s always seems to be very efficient with their appetizers and for that we were grateful as we were both hungry.

My wife’s favorite dish is the Sambal Shrimp (pictured above). The shrimp are battered then deep fried and lightly drizzled with a three-chile sauce. They were the highlight of the dishes we had.

My choice of the Green Chile Polenta Fries was good, particularly with the sweet pepper aioli dip that came with them. But, while they were fine for my palette they were just a bit too hot for my wife to enjoy.

The Ginger Chicken Lettuce Wraps too were a solid choice for an appetizer and rather generous a portion size particularly considering the $6.50 price. It was a nice dish and while it was a bit short of lettuce leaves the waitress was only too happy to bring us more. I liked this dish though I can’t say it was anything beyond solid.

To wrap up our evening we decided to share a Burnt Cream dessert. This was the only part of the evening that was disappointing. The first time we ever had this dish was when we were dating and visited Paris so it’s a bit of a special dish for us. While our expectations were no where near what we had in Paris still we were quite disappointed in the dish as presented.

It was clear that the sugar topping had been burnt well in advance of serving as it was cold and soggy without any sign of the crisp crack of freshly burnt sugar you would normally expect. I had a few spoonfuls but ended up pushing it away as it was closer to a vanilla jello pudding than a true burnt cream.

Notwithstanding our feelings about dessert, we had a lovely and economical time having dinner at Arnie’s. Tie that in with the beautiful views out the windows there and you have a pleasant package for a nice evening out.

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