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This will not be a full and complete review as I was at Cicchetti for an Urban Spoon meet up so only sampled some of their small plates. However, what I did have was absolutely delicious making it worth my while to get back for a meal as soon as possible.

The evening started off out on the deck, with the sun slowly settling in towards the horizon and twenty or so Urban Spoon bloggers getting to know each other. The appetizers were out, the wine was flowing and we were all socializing in real life as opposed to via the usual methods.

Soon the bar manager, Jeremy Barnett came out to show us some of the special magic he does with infusions and tinctures. He showed us how to make our own simple hibiscus tincture and then turn that into an amazing hibiscus martini.image

After Jeremy was done tickling our palettes with his delicious concoctions we went back to socializing and sampling more of the food. Cicchetti specializes in Venetian inspired tapas style food. What does that mean in reality? Small plates of northern Italian style cuisine. They are located in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle.

We had many lovely dishes including an oven charred wild spring onions and traditional pizza margherita but my personal favorite was the Crispy chicken wings with za’atar, Calabrian chili & spicy date molasses.

The chili sauce was spicy with a unique tang while the skin of the chicken had a lovely sweet flavor of the molasses to offset the spicy sauce. It blended into this wonderful flavor combination in my mouth that I couldn’t get enough of.image

I certainly will have to go back to sample more of their food on an evening when I can hang out on their deck and soak up a bit more of that Seattle sunshine.

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