Restaurant Review: Gorditos

Lunch on Friday was a drive up to Greenwood to see if the pho kings and I could find some good Mexican food for lunch. While we found Mexican food and it wasn’t bad at all it also wasn’t that “special” place we were looking for.

Gorditos is a local favorite by many people in part due to their amazingly huge Burrito Grande. Made up of two full sized flour tortillas, Gorditos claims that if your less than one month year old baby is larger than their burrito then the burrito is on them. We saw many photos of babies wrapped in swaddling clothes posted on the walls with the Burrito Grande and in most cases I’d have to say that the burrito was larger. Yes, it’s that big!

I ordered a regular burrito (pictured above) which was plenty large enough for me. I had trouble finishing it so I cannot imagine trying to down one of their Burrito Grande’s! I had a steak burrito which was freshly cooked on the grill there. All of Gorditos ingredients are local and fresh and made on the premises. My burrito came with plenty of meat, beans, cheese and rice and was topped (wet) with an enchilada style sauce.

As for taste, it was okay. A solid if uninspired flavor that filled me up but didn’t have me dying to have more. We also sampled all of their salsas from the fresh salsa bar, which was a nice touch. I love being able to fill up cups of salsa to try both with a basket of chips as well as with my food of choice.

Unfortunately, I found the offerings from the salsa bar to be rather bland and not nearly as spicy as was suggested. The best of the three salsas was the smoky chipotle salsa. The other two, a spicy red chili salsa and a more traditional salsa fresca were merely okay at best.

The burrito and the other food there was a good value. The service was excellent and the staff very friendly and helpful. If I’m in the neighborhood and looking for a value Mexican meal I may be back. However, a place, particularly one I have to drive to has to be at least a cut above what I can find elsewhere and I’m afraid Gorditos just isn’t that place for me.

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