Phoriday Review: Than Brothers Pho Queen Anne


For Seattle, the eponymous pho shop would have to be the Than Brothers Pho shops which are sprinkled all over town. I have one mere steps away from the front door of my office which makes for a quick, hot and convenient bowl of my favorite Seattle fast food.

This was the place I would go before I began to understand the variations of pho available to me. And I was happy with my bowl then. I am still happy with my bowl but I rarely go now that I know that happy is just not enough when it comes to a bowl of pho. Happy is merely okay on the pho scale.

I have to say that their many locations make them a very convenient stop. And they are consistent too. The condiments are always reasonable though occasionally the basil can be a bit wilted. For those that like tripe and tendon, Than Brothers has that available in their choices of meat additions.

It never takes long for your bowl to arrive, I like how efficient they run their pho shops and the broth is almost always hot enough to satisfy though never is it as hot as i would like and have experienced at the better pho shops in town.

I always take a sip of the broth of my soup before I spice it up. At Than Brothers you can pretty much guarantee a solid if uninspired bowl of beefy broth. It’s slightly oily but still hits the spot. They also have a truly vegetarian bowl of soup available to complement their beef and chicken soups.

Their prices are modest and a good value falling in the lower end of most places I’ve visited in town.

If you’re in the Seattle area and looking for a good bowl of pho and see a Than Brothers around you can be assured that you’ll get yourself a consistently good bowl of soup.


Location: A
Condiments: B
Heat Index: B
Broth: C+
Meat: B+

Overall: B (two out of three pho bowls)


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