Review: Yeti Yogurt

Yeti Yogurt is yet another “froyo” place in town and as such it does a fine job of offering good frozen yogurt. They always have at least ten varieties and sometimes up to fourteen varieties of frozen yogurts to have as your base. From non-fat to no-sugar from sweet to tart, they pretty much have every flavor you could want.

After you finally pick a flavor you can then load up with quite a collection of toppings. From fresh fruit to candy, from nuts to lots of added flavors and chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, all of the toppings you could ever want are available.

By the time you have loaded up your cup you’ll then have to pony up some money. I don’t think I’ve ever escaped the place for anything less than $4.50 which seems to be a lot more than a few toppings and some yogurt should cost, but by now I’m fully committed to my concoction and would rather pay the ransom then not eat what I’ve made.

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