Restaurant Review: Buffalo Wild Wings

I have never actually tried eating at Buffalo Wild Wings primarily because I like to stay far away from chain store food whenever I can and I’ve always seen BWW as simply that, chain store food.

I’m happy to say that my first, and hopefully last experience, did not disappoint. It was as mediocre as I expected it to be. I was ravenously hungry over the weekend and the closest place besides a Red Robin to be found near me was a BWW.

As soon as I walked in to the hustle and bustle atmosphere and spied the bar in back I knew that was the only place for me. Walking past what must have been close to twenty waitstaff I settled in to the bar and was greeted right away by one of three bartenders. There was no beer list handy so I peered towards the back of the bar as the bartender read off the beers, “Bud, Bud Lite, Miller, Manny’s…” the list continued on but I had no need for him to continue reciting the dull and boring list of mostly corporate maxi beers. I saw only a few local breweries and of those on Elysian were one that I’d actually buy and bring into my house.

Shortly an Elysian Immortal IPA was sitting in front of me while I ordered my wings and an appetizer. The noise from the dozens of monitors was a bit overwhelming but I didn’t have more than about three minutes where I had to think about it as in less than that time I had wings in front of me. I have no clue how they made three different types of wings in about three minutes, even before my deep fried jalapeno’s were done, but there they were in record time.

I bit into my first one and the sauce wasn’t too bad, but the wing was rather fatty. I tried a second style and this too was passable but again the wing was not up to my usual standard for wings. Fatty and large these wings looked like they came from mutant chickens fattened on too much corn feed.

Feeling a bit dirty I plowed through the rest of the wings and my beer just wanting to fill the empty hole in my stomach. For that job, the wings served the trick and like the speed with which my wings appeared so too was the speed of my rapid departure. Knowing how many good local wing places there are in Seattle I don’t think I’ll find my way back to Buffalo Wild Wings any time soon.

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