Phoriday Restaurant Review: Than Brothers Pho Greenlake


I was in the Greenlake neighborhood looking for dinner on Wednesday night when I spotted another Pho Than Brothers and thought I’d step in for a quick and cheap dinner.

Let me cut right to the chase on this one. I think based upon other reviews and the people I saw there that perhaps I either got a bad bowl of pho or maybe they reserve their mediocre bowls of broth for non-regulars like me.

Regardless, the broth I had was the least flavorful bowl of soup that I’ve had from any pho shop ever. It tasted more of hot water than it did of anything approaching beef. I would almost imagine they gave me a vegetarian broth but even at that level this broth was as close to being flavorless as possible.

Adding insult to injury, the condiments were wilted and rather sad to look at. The broth like substance was hot but no amount of heat could save the broth from being bland.

The meat used was plentiful but again, that didn’t save the bowl from being a flavorless experience. I would like to think I could return and find a better bowl of soup but somehow I don’t think I’ll ever need to go back as there are pho shops practically on every corner in Seattle.


Location: B
Condiments: C+
Heat Index: B+
Broth: D-
Meat: B

Overall: C (one out of three pho bowls)


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