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My boss was in town last week so I thought that would make a good chance for us to try out Ray’s Cafe for lunch. We got there right after noon and the place was as busy as you’d expect. Families surrounded tables, tourists munched on fresh bread, patrons sat in the bar sipping beer and we were seen to our table by the window moments later.

On this day the view was not yet the view that folks come to Ray’s for, the typical Seattle rain was pounding down outside while we sat inside and perused the menu.

There were quite a few things that looked good but I knew I had to start off with a lemonade. Our server let me know that they had a number of them including a fresh Blueberry one. Boom! I ordered one of those and was pleased to find out I also got unlimited refills.


Next up for the whole table was a crab dip with barely toasted bagette. It was a modest portion considering the price but it tasted delicious even if four of us had to share. The ever helpful waitress brought out more bread for us so that we could finish it off before our soups and salads arrived.image

I had the clam chowder with the basil and garlic oil drizzled on top. It too was quite yummy enough that I found myself using some of the bread to clean out the last little bits from the bottom of my bowl.

For my main course I choose the salmon sandwich which was solid but I have to say not overly inspired. Compare to the lovely items I’d already had the sandwich was a bit on the bland side.


Next to me was a plate of cod and chips which looked rather tasty and disappeared much faster than my sandwich. Perhaps that was because I was so busy taking pictures or maybe it was just that the cod was tastier than what I had.

During our main courses the sun decided to come out to play, the clouds quite literally blew away and parted and we were treated to a beautiful view of the mountains as we wrapped up our meal.

I could not resist taking a peek at the desserts and settled on something simple, peanut butter cookies. They were a nice way to finish of a pretty nice meal at Ray’s Cafe!

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