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I have never been to a Newport Seafood Grill before and after my mediocre meal there recently I somehow don’t think I’ll find my way back anytime soon.

I was down in Portland for a team meeting and this restaurant was reasonably close to the office and had seafood. 

We showed up for our reservation on time and were soon seated at a table on the land side of the river. The Newport Seafood Grill at Riverplace is a floating restaurant on the Willamette river. It was busy this day so we were happy to get the table we got. Service was prompt and we soon had all of our food plus some appetizers ordered.

First to our table was the deep fried calamari which for me was the best of what I had. Crispy fried but neither over done or over seasoned, they were a good start to our meal.

The second appetizer we had was the crab dip. It was exceedingly salty, tasting more of fish than of crab. I had a bite but then let the others finish it off.

My main course was halibut and chips and here again the fish was over seasoned and salty. The halibut inside was well cooked buy I struggled to get past the seasoning in the batter. Once I combined that with tartar sauce it was just too much. I was also disappointed by the lack of lemon with the fish. Also missing was malt vinegar, which I may not have wanted but it would have been nice to have the waiter offer it up for those of us with the fish and chips.

The others there did not seem to be as disappointed as I in their meals so hopefully it wasn’t all bad and at least the calamari was worth having.

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