Restaurant Review: Saigon Deli


This popular Vietnamese Deli located in the International District was hopping when my friends and I stopped by for an inexpensive lunch of banh mi. As you can see from my photo above, the food is rather straightforward. This is the three pork sandwich with three different kinds of pork, jalapeno peppers, pickled vegetables and cilantro.

After we got our sandwiches, which took all of five minutes, we drove over to a local park and sat there to enjoy our lunches in the Seattle sunshine. They were “oohing” and “ahhing” over their sandwiches while I set up for my obligatory food porn photo.

Soon enough I was biting into my sandwich however I left the sound effects behind. I found the whole experience to be rather dry and flavorless. The cilantro was there, the jalapeno barely there and the pork brought nothing special to the arrangement.

In the end perhaps it is as my friends say, “what do you expect for three dollars?” Regardless, I won’t be back to give it another shot.

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