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Once again my job gave me the opportunity to try out a new place to eat. This time it was lunch at a Riverside Mongolian Grill in Puyallup. Considering the wide range of food I’ve eaten in my life, I’ve never once managed to have “Mongolian Barbecue.” 

According to Wikipedia, Mongolian barbecue is neither Mongolian nor barbecue. It’s just stir fried meat and vegetables. The Riverside Mongolian Grill had that but it was also a bit like buffet as they had a number of other food items around the perimeter of the place while their grill was positioned in the middle manned by two gentlemen placed there to cook food for the patrons.

As this was my first time I wasn’t completely certain what to do but the lady behind the register pointed us back to the buffet tables that were filled with vegetables and various meats. The sign said “All You Can Eat,” so we filled our bowls high, some of us even filling two bowls before we then took then up to the guys around the grill.

I had selected a generous portion of noodles, vegetables and beef, then drifted through the sauce section grabbing only a bit of “Mongolian Stir Fry” sauce and a bit of oil. Within a minute my food, which steamed like made once placed on the grill, was well cooked and ready for me to eat.

The food was reasonably good considering what it is. Like I imagine with all “All You Can Eat” establishments, I’m sure they probably use the least expensive ingredients they can find. That being said, the vegetables were very fresh with no sign of anything less than perfect with any of them. The meat too seemed fresh and the finished product tasted as I would expect it to - like stir fried noodles, vegetables and meat.

Given the chance to eat there again I would probably avail myself of their food as it’s quite a good value for the money as a lunch meal.


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